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We have strong values and principles, which determine our business strategy and how we manage our projects, our contracts, and the environment in which we operate (CSR)

Our commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) is reflected in our CSR Model, which shapes the way we manage sustainability, the control measures for Quality, Health, Safety, and the Environment (QHSE) and how we manage and support our supply chain, employees, and the workplace.

We work on an ongoing basis on improving our processes and procedures in order to enhance the effectiveness, efficiency, safety, and sustainability of our organization.

We are in possession of the following certificates:

  • ISO27001:

    The ISO27001: 2017 standard is the international standard for information security, aimed at the continuous management, control and improvement of information security risks.

  • ISO9001:

    ISO9001: 2015 is the international standard for quality management systems. With this certificate, we demonstrate that our processes meet international standards and we value continuous improvement.

  • VCA*:

    The aim of the versatile VCA * program is to make our VCA-certified colleagues work safer and more environmentally aware and to reduce the number of accidents during implementation.

  • ISO14001:

    Our environmental management system is based on the international ISO14001: 2015 standard. We structurally manage and reduce the environmental effects (environmental risks) within our own operations.

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