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WPS parking solutions for homeowners' associations (VvE's)

As a Homeowners' Association (VvE), you want parking to be a seamless experience for all residents. This means having enough parking spaces for everyone, eliminating unauthorized parking, and implementing a system that's easy to use. WPS understands these needs and offers tailor-made parking solutions that are both simple and effective. We'll gladly advise you on the solution that best suits your specific requirements and budget.

Flexible access control options

WPS offers various types of access control based on simple systems such as handheld transmitters and a GSM module. Based on our parking equipment, solutions can easily be expanded to paid parking. Whether you choose license plate recognition, handheld transmitters, or a combination of both, we provide the right solution for your specific needs.

For smaller Homeowners' Association complexes, a simple barrier gate with handheld transmitters is often the perfect choice. This is an easy-to-use and affordable solution that requires no complicated software or subscriptions. Residents simply operate the barrier gate with their handheld transmitters, ensuring hassle-free parking.

Complete parking solution

Our ParkAdvance hardware and ParkID software provide VvE's with a complete parking management solution. Residents can easily enter and exit the parking area using subscriptions linked to their license plates. This system offers convenience for residents and also ensures that only authorized vehicles have access to the parking spaces. Additionally, you can commercially utilize parking spaces during off-peak hours through our Marketplace solutions like ParkBee, generating extra revenue.

High-quality barrier gates

To regulate access to your parking areas, we offer a range of high-quality barrier gates. Our automatic WPS-60 barrier gate is the latest addition to our product line. This robust barrier gate is a great choice for environments with medium to heavy traffic. With its electromechanical design and variable opening speeds, the WPS-60 is ideal for parking lots at apartments and industrial sites. For intensive use, we offer the WPS-229 barrier gate.

GSM Module for extra flexibility

A GSM module can be installed with the barrier gate to provide extra flexibility. Residents can simply call the module in the barrier gate from their mobile phones, allowing them to easily operate the gate remotely.

This is convenient for residents who have lost their handheld transmitters or who want to operate the barrier gate from their apartments.

Efficient management via ParkID portal

Our ParkID portal gives you complete control over the management of your parking area. As an administrator, you can easily assign parking spaces to residents and manage the system through an intuitive, web-based interface. Since the ParkID portal is accessible via the web, you can manage the system from anywhere. Whether you are a small Homeowners’ Association or a larger one with more complex needs, our system is scalable and suitable for Homeowners’ Association of any size.

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