ValiD discount platform

ValiD is a flexible parking validation platform where users like retailers, leisure providers, cafes, outlets or any other business model, can easily validate parking tickets or provide discounts to parking visitors. 

ValiD allows retailers or leisure providers (e.g. hotels, supermarkets, restaurants, cinemas or any other attraction) to quickly and easily enrol online as a participating validator and set up a pre-paid validation account. The ValiD module is fully integrated in the ParkiD parking management software and can be used on a wide range of devices including bespoke scanners, tablets, PC’s and smart phones.

The ValiD platform can be used for promotional activities to advertise to consumers that they are part of the scheme, giving them an immediate competitive edge. They are then free to offer a range of validation options at their own discretion, for example free parking, discounted parking, or a proportion of their parking for free (e.g. the first hour). Consumers can even collect validations from participating stores they visit (e.g. collecting $1 off from each of three stores to get $3 off their parking that day).

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