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Lelystad Airport

Currently the largest general aviation airport in the Netherlands, Lelystad Airport provides training flights, tours, aircraft rental services, aircraft maintenance services, and special charter flights to business destinations across Europe.

Lelystad Airport is evolving into an international leisure travel airport, including an extension of the amount of parking space to more than 3,300 parking spaces. In order to make the parking services as efficient and user-friendly as possible, client Viggo uses a state-of-the-art parking management system supplied by WPS Parking Solutions.

About the project

  • The challenge:

    Parking in and around Lelystad Airport should be as easy and appealing as possible. The airport parking facilities presents a variety of challenges, for example related to optimization of the traffic flows of the numerous user groups, including passengers, employees, taxis, bus services, and vendors and suppliers. The airport building is also home to several companies that offer parking discounts to passengers and visitors.
  • The solution:

    WPS has equipped all its parking facilities with the ParkID Parking Management System and ParkAdvance Parking Equipment. The use of license plate recognition technology makes it possible for passengers with reservations, employees, taxis, and buses to enter and exit automatically. It serves as an additional service that promotes traffic flow. WPS also provides the Business Parking software module, a web-based portal through which businesses located on and around the airport manage their own parking lots. For example, car rental companies can manage the parking licenses of their parking customers, rental cars, and employees.

    Businesses located in and around the airport building that provide discounts to passengers and customers use ValID, a convenient app through which these businesses provide discounts with a single push of a button. Users (including stores or businesses located at or in the vicinity of the airport) scan the parking pass and provide a discount using predefined discount buttons.

  • The result:

    Our ParkID software platform allows Viggo to manage parking at Lelystad Airport in an efficient, user-friendly, and customer-friendly way. Solid and user-friendly, the system can easily be extended with new features and parking facilities. The Business Parking module is an additional service for businesses located in and around the airport site and ensures that Viggo is not charged with the administrative handling of the parking management of the various companies.

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