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Tenants at A-Factorij Take Control of Parking Management with WPS Business Parking Module

As an asset manager or real estate manager, you understand that a seamless parking experience is a critical aspect of your property management. Managing parking facilities, however, can be a complex challenge, especially when serving multiple tenants with different needs. Ideally, you'd prefer not to be concerned with parking at all.

Imagine an innovative solution that allows tenants to have complete control over their parking needs while simultaneously providing you, as a real estate manager, with peace of mind. Allow us to introduce you to the Business Parking Module by WPS, an innovative solution that makes this possible. In the video below and in this article, Roy Braemer, Junior Facility Manager at Cushman & Wakefield, shares how they have successfully implemented this solution at A-Factorij in Amsterdam, one of the real estate properties managed by Cushman & Wakefield, offering tenants autonomy in managing their parking affairs.

Interview with the customer

Short introduction: Roy Braemer

Roy Braemer, working at Cushman & Wakefield, oversees the management of A-Factorij in Amsterdam, owned by Jamestown. In this interview, he shares insights about the successful collaboration between Cushman & Wakefield and WPS.

A smooth implementation

"On January 1, 2023, the new parking system was implemented at A-Factorij. The implementation went smoothly, thanks in part to our close collaboration with WPS. We organized various sessions and training to ensure seamless communication with tenants. The result was a comprehensive solution that tenants can easily apply. As the managers of this location, there’s minimal involvement. It's a win-win situation for both parties."

The parking system in action

"The current parking system at A-Factorij is designed so that tenants have a fixed number of parking spaces at their disposal. What makes this system unique is that tenants have complete control over their parking spaces. They can enter and manage vehicle license plates themselves, without the involvement of asset managers or real estate managers. This means tenants are responsible for the use of their assigned parking spaces. If they need more parking spaces, they can easily contact the management team at A-Factorij, who handles this process based on the contracts."

The power of the business parking module

"A crucial element of the parking system at A-Factorij is the WPS Business Parking Module. This module allows tenants to manage their license plates in the system, enabling them to regulate access to their parking spaces for customers and guests. Tenants can manage their 'business parking' from start to finish without the interference of asset managers or property owners. This places full responsibility for the parking aspect in the hands of the tenant, and that is the strength of Business Parking!"


Thanks to the collaboration between Cushman & Wakefield and WPS, tenants at A-Factorij in Amsterdam now have control over their parking matters. This innovative system not only offers convenience and flexibility but also ensures smoother parking management than ever before. As an asset manager or real estate manager, it's time to consider how you can give your tenants full control over their parking affairs, and the Business Parking Module by WPS provides complete peace of mind in this regard.


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