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A former port terminal located right outside Amsterdam’s city center, the Houthaven site has been repurposed in recent years into a modern and vibrant business park by property developers Heren2.

In addition to a business park, the area is home to an exciting culinary scene catering to tourists and residents of the adjacent residential neighborhoods. WPS Parking Solutions was commissioned by Heren2 to equip the parking garages in the business park with smart parking solutions.

About the project

  • The challenge:

    The four office buildings are comprised of dedicated office space for dozens of businesses, flexible areas, meeting places for companies and independent contractors, and warehouses. This means a continuous flow of employees, guests, and vendors and suppliers. With patrons of the nearby Amsterdam Theater also permitted to use the parking facility, simple, uncomplicated management of these facilities is key, while another goal was to minimize intercom traffic to operator P1. Guests must be able to contact the business they have made arrangements with directly. If this business is unavailable or if users experience problems entering and exiting the facility, P1 must be able to assist users remotely.
  • The solution:

    WPS has equipped the parking facilities with one of the ParkID state-of-the-art parking solutions, including ParkAdvance parking equipment. In order to make management as easy as possible and minimize administrative expenses for P1, the software has been upgraded to include the Business Parking module. Businesses have access to a user-friendly web portal and the businesses manage their own parking facilities and report their own guests. Employees and pre-approved guests can enter the parking facilities through license plate recognition (LPR) technology. The entry terminal is equipped with a touchscreen and an intercom system, which allows guests and suppliers to contact the appropriate business directly from the entrance. The business then grants the guests access. If an unannounced guest is unable to get through to the business they are trying to contact, the intercom system is connected to the control room of parking operator P1.

    A link to the P1 control room was created for this purpose. P1 can operate the web-based parking system remotely and provide guests access to the parking facility for the appropriate business. Patrons of the nearby Amsterdam Theater also use the parking facility; they receive a short-term parking pass when entering the facility. The theater can recode this card using the ValiD module and provide patrons with a discount on the parking fee. Parking customers then pay the remaining parking fee at the payment terminal inside the garage.

  • The result:

    Our state-of-the-art and reliable equipment provides employees and guests alike with quick and easy access to the parking garage. Unscheduled guests are also welcomed and allowed fast access through the user-friendly touchscreen through which they identify themselves to the business in question. Our parking solution provides the operator with full support and businesses with the freedom to operate their parking spaces as they see fit. Through the web portal, they add the license plates of new employees or temporarily increase the number of parking spaces. This means the administrative operations of parking management are handled completely by the businesses.

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