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INIT Building

The INIT Building is a multi-tenant building located in Amsterdam’s city center at Jacob Bontiusplaats on the Oostenburgereiland island. This island, which dates back to the 17th century, served as Amsterdam’s international trading center for many years.

The INIT Building has been located there since 2005, accommodating around 25 different companies, multiple meeting rooms, an auditorium, food service outlets in and around the building, an indoor bicycle park, and a 170-space parking garage.

About the project

  • The challenge:

    The indoor parking spaces are allocated based on the number of square meters of business space rented by a tenant. The manager of the INIT Building was looking for an efficient way to organize and enforce this system. How do you ensure a tenant has access to sufficient parking spaces and these are not used by others? In addition, flexibility is needed, including to temporarily increase the number of parking spaces for a tenant during an event or on busy days during the week.
  • The solution:

    WPS Parking Solutions’ innovative parking management system ParkID serves as the basis for the parking solution, enhanced with the ParkAdvance Parking Equipment. We integrated our Business Parking module into the parking management system. In a user-friendly web portal, tenants can quickly and efficiently manage their available parking spaces with flexible options, for example by entering the license plates of employees and scheduled visitors. The ANPR cameras identify the license plate; once it has been validated in the system, guests can instantly enter and exit the parking facility.

    Guests who have not been announced in advance or are driving a different vehicle than registered must use the intercom system to gain access. The business in question can then let the guest in and register them in the system, while the parking space used will then be registered in the business’s parking pool.

    Empty parking spaces are included in a dynamic pool, and tenants have the option to use additional parking spaces from the pool for a specific event or on busy days during the week. As soon as a sufficient number of parking spaces are available again, the additional spaces are cancelled automatically, and the tenant is charged only for the actual period during which the additional space was used.

  • The result:

    The innovative Business Parking module maintains the system on the operator’s behalf and relieves the operator of various administrative duties. These duties are now performed by the tenants, who are given the freedom to meet their parking needs as they see fit and can offer their guests and employees a friendly and hospitable parking experience. The module is linked to our reliable parking management system and equipment. A team of WPS professionals guarantees high-quality maintenance, ensuring that the operator and its tenants alike can use the parking management system for many years without any problems.

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