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Deventer Hospital

Deventer Hospital provides top clinical, person-centered care to the residents of Salland and its surrounding areas. It is a dedicated and ambitious organization that listens to patients and continually strives for improvement. As a proud member of the Collaborating Top Clinical Teaching Hospitals, Deventer Hospital stays abreast of the latest developments, invests heavily in innovation, and conducts scientific research.

Annually, approximately 35,000 patients are admitted to Deventer Hospital, with an additional 300,000 patients visiting one of the outpatient clinics. The hospital has around 2,500 dedicated employees, all focused on meeting the healthcare needs of residents within the service area. Deventer Hospital has been recognized multiple times as the Best Employer in the healthcare sector.

‘’We endeavor to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for all, including ensuring hassle-free parking for our visitors and staff.’’ - Henk Kleine Schaars, Manager Guest Reception & Security at Deventer Hospital. With nearly 19 years of experience in the hospital, Henk shares his insights and experiences about this fascinating project."

About the project

  • The challenge:

    The challenge was to provide parking for various visitor categories, including parking facilities for visitors and staff, a parking area for the general practitioner's post, and specific areas for suppliers and ambulances. Additionally, the hospital explicitly wanted to be fully taken care of, including civil works.

    Henk adds: ''Our existing parking system was outdated and no longer met modern requirements, such as license plate recognition. We wanted a parking system that is user-friendly, offers various payment options, and is future-proof.''

    Henk then explains why WPS was chosen: "WPS emerged as the best option in the tender, based on the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The user-friendly system, good references, and the possibility of expanding the solution appealed to me. Especially the latter is unique in the parking field – the ability to continually add new software integrations and thus always offer the desired customer journey to our visitors."

  • The solution:

    To meet these needs, we have equipped Deventer Hospital with our advanced ParkID parking management system and reliable ParkAdvance parking equipment. License plate recognition is an integral part of this solution to make entry and exit seamless. Various payment options are available for regular visitors, including cash, cashless, and payment at the exit (Dip&Go/Tap&Go). The system is also integrated with staff passes, allowing employees to easily enter and exit.

    For visitors to the general practitioner's post, access is arranged via a QR code provided by Deventer Hospital (via EAL) or at the intercom. No parking fee is required, and the barrier at the exit opens automatically based on detection loops. In the supplier and ambulance area, taller terminals have been installed to accommodate ambulances and freight traffic. Suppliers register at a new intercom post. Additionally, the SOS access system ensures immediate access for ambulances.

    Henk confirms: "WPS has provided us with an advanced parking management system and reliable parking equipment. The system is user-friendly, offers various payment options, and is flexible enough to meet the needs of different visitor categories."

    A barrier installation has also been implemented at the Radiotherapy Group's premises (neighbors of Deventer Hospital). There is no paid parking here; however, by presenting a badge to the badge reader, patients gain access to the parking area."

  • The result:

    Thanks to the advanced ParkID parking management system and reliable ParkAdvance parking equipment, parking comfort has significantly improved. Deventer Hospital is now prepared for future challenges and growth, maintaining a commitment to sustainable relationships with partners like WPS.

    Henk says, "In the beginning, the project had its challenges, so that was a bit nerve-wracking. I must say, the technician who comes here; he really makes a difference. That technician is worth his weight in gold for you, believe me! He provides advice and takes his job very seriously.

    Although we had some initial concerns, we are now very satisfied with WPS' new parking system. It has greatly enhanced parking comfort for our visitors and staff. Visitors can now easily and quickly enter and exit, and thanks to the smooth system, we now have less to worry about."

    Maintenance Aspects:

    Henk emphasizes the importance of maintenance: "The WPS system is less prone to malfunctions, but we do experience some sensitivity to maintenance. We have decided to handle first-line maintenance ourselves, but it requires some optimization."

    Payment Options and Technological Upgrades:

    Henk discusses payment options and technological upgrades with Volkert (Manager Sales WPS NL): "Currently, we offer various payment options to our visitors, but we are considering adding WPS PAY for more payment convenience. Digitizing processes, including visitor passes, is a future priority."

  • The future:

    Henk: "We are committed to providing our patients and visitors with the most streamlined and hassle-free experience possible. We constantly seek out innovative solutions that can enhance our overall service offering. One such idea we are exploring is integrating parking reservations with appointment scheduling, allowing patients to secure their parking space seamlessly as they book their appointment. This approach mirrors the convenience of ticketing platforms for events. Additionally, we are keen on implementing WPS PAY to provide patients with a more convenient payment experience. We are dedicated to simplifying and digitizing hospital processes to enhance efficiency and satisfaction for all."


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