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PIH Hospital

It is a state-of-the-art facility with 548 licensed beds. PIH was founded in 1959 as Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital; it has been managed by the nonprofit InterHealth Corporation since the mid-1980s. The organization changed its name to PIH Health in 2012. The PIH Health organization started as one hospital in Whittier but now operates three locations, including PIH Health Hospital.

To manage the parking at their main campus, WPS parking controls were selected due to their versatility, reliability, and ease of use.

About the project

PIH consist of nineteen lanes of parking controls that provide quick and easy ingress and egress from the venue.

There are nine entrance lanes and ten exit lanes. As the speed of entry and exit is critical at this location, LPR was implemented to create a frictionless entry and exit methodology. The LPR has made a faster flow of traffic which has translated to higher employee and visitor satisfaction.

The entrance lanes are equipped with short-range RFID readers, LPR (ANPR) cameras, and barcode scanners.

The exit lanes are equipped with short-range RFID readers, LPR (ANPR) cameras, and barcode scanners. Payment at the exit lanes is performed by using a credit card. WPS equipment can be P2PE or E2EE.

Payment methods include the use of our Pay on Foot Stations. A paid ticket is associated with the LPR system, so when a paid vehicle is in the exit lane, if the ticket is paid, the gate will vend without the vehicle having to stop.

The Pay on Foot also allows for a transient ticket to be changed into a multi-day pass while accepting the payment for the ticket's transformation.

If the parker forgets to pay at the pay station, they can use a credit card to pay at the exit.

WPS remote command center features are used at this facility to assist the clients in the lane when necessary.

PIH uses the WPS ParkID and ValiD web-based software to manage the facility. The ParkID product uses an IP-based modular architecture. ParkiD has been specifically developed for today and tomorrow's interconnected world. Enabling you to manage your parking systems and associated technologies like payments, CCTV, intercom, License Plate Recognition (LPR / ANPR).

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