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Corendon Village Hotel

The modern 4-star Corendon Village Hotel Amsterdam is a unique hotel concept. The hotel – which consists of three separate wings: Plaza, Apartments and Urban – features 680 rooms and apartments, making it the largest hotel in the Benelux region.

Its guests enjoy a wide range of business and leisure facilities, including multiple restaurants, bars, a spa, fitness pool, movie theater, and 10 mixed-use meeting rooms. A unique feature is the Boeing 747 aircraft gracing the hotel garden, which was converted in 2019 into a unique 5D experience. The hotel is located at the heart of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, which ensures an excellent connection between Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam city center, and the Zuidas business district.

About the project

  • The challenge:

    Due to the large number of guests and visitors passing through all day, it is important to regulate the flow efficiently while also not losing sight of hospitality. Besides guests and visitors, the hotel parking facility is also used by large numbers of staff, taxis, shuttle buses, and suppliers. This means reliable equipment is very important to the hotel.
  • The solution:

    Based on our many years of expertise in the hotel industry, we provided personalized recommendation on the parking solution to be applied: we installed our state-of-the-art ParkID parking solution and ParkAdvance Parking Equipment. This system is equipped with features that enhance hospitality. For example, both entrances and exits are equipped with automatic license plate recognition and the payment terminals offer the latest payment methods.
  • The result:

    Our parking solution manages the flow reliably and efficiently, without losing sight of hospitality. During the duration of their stay, hotel guests enter and exit automatically by having their license plate scanned, along with other frequent users such as taxis, shuttle buses, employees, and regular suppliers. Other visitors pay or are facilitated in order to be able to exit the facility.

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