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Van der Valk Hotels

Van der Valk is one of the largest and best-known hotel chains operating in the Netherlands. Having started out with the de Gouden Leeuw café in 1862, the company is currently a global hotel chain with more than 100 hotels and restaurants.

In 2019, Van der Valk Procurement selected WPS Parking Solutions as its Official Preferred Supplier for the Benelux market. This makes us the preferred supplier for the supply, installation, and maintenance of parking management solutions at both new and existing Van der Valk hotels. When replacing or installing new parking systems, we use a personalized review and inventory for an appropriate recommendation and a customized proposal.

About the project

  • The challenge:

    Comfort, convenience, and hospitality are important values to the hotel chain, and this also extends to its parking facilities. A user-friendly, fast, and reliable parking solution is essential. Due to the strategic location of the hotels, on the highway or in the city center, an enclosed parking facility is needed, along with a system that efficiently handles exceptions, including short-term parkers and staff and regular suppliers. The requirements for this differs depending on the location and hotel facilities.
  • The solution:

    In our role as Official Preferred Supplier, we advise each individual hotel on the most effective parking solution, as we are committed to providing personalized advice. In the construction of the Van der Valk Hotel Amsterdam Zuidas, for example, we sat around the drawing board with the client and the architect to decide on the most efficient possible use of the parking facility for this location. This enabled us to provide Van der Valk with solid advice during the construction stage. Our parking solutions facilitate complimentary parking for guests, staff, and regular suppliers, along with a discount module.
  • The result:

    Our parking solutions ensure that all guests and visitors can enter and exit the Van der Valk parking facilities at any time. During the duration of their stay, hotel guests enter and exit automatically by having their license plate scanned, along with staff, regular suppliers, and short-term parkers who arrive to have lunch or dinner or to attend a meeting. Van der Valk also receives full support, as WPS is responsible for coordinating and implementing the systems and maintenance.

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