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Parking Solutions for Leisure Destinations

Parking convenience and a hospitable reception are key requirements for companies providing leisure services. You provide your guests with additional convenience if they can quickly enter and exit the parking facility. This requires a reliable parking management system that can be fully tailored to your needs and requirements. Our more than 35 years of experience in flexible parking management solutions enables us to provide any destination with appropriate advice and customized solutions during the construction stage.

Modified parking rates

Our ParkID software platform provides you with the option to offer specialized rates. The discount module allows you to provide your guests with a discount or exit the parking facility free of charge. You also have several options for time-restricted parking and parking rates for specific events.

Carefree use

Our systems are future-proof, low maintenance, and meet the highest quality standards. If you are responsible for your own first-line maintenance, we will train your staff to make sure they possess the right knowledge in order to act swiftly in the event of problems or if maintenance is required. Our parking management systems also operate a cloud-based monitoring system, through which we detect technical issues before you notice them. By anticipating directly, we keep your downtime as short as possible.

Our clients

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