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Bournemouth International Centre

Bournemouth International Centre (BIC) is a 10,000-capacity venue managed by the social enterprise, BH Live in partnership with BCP Council. It facilitates live entertainment events, conferences, and large-scale banqueting, as well as trade and consumer exhibitions, a seasonal ice rink and party nights.

As one of the UK’s major tourist destinations, Bournemouth attracts millions of visitors every year, particularly in the summer months, making the BIC an important venue. It is therefore vital that its 644 parking spaces are managed by a user-friendly and reliable parking system

About the project

  • The challenge:

    The primary challenge was that for large-scale events most guests arrive and leave at the same time, so the parking system needed to mitigate issues around queueing at pay stations and avoid bottle necks that could lead to congestion. It was also important that a best-in-class customer experience was delivered.

  • The solution:

    WPS’ sophisticated ParkAdvance™ pay on foot system, supported by highly-reliable automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology, was chosen to provide customer convenience and an easy-to-use service, with users paying at one of five pay stations or at the entry and exit barriers prior to exit.

  • The result:

    Traffic lanes were widened, and the dual carriageway into the car park was realigned by moving a central island to enhance speed of traffic flows. Two fixed exit lanes, one fixed entrance and one ‘tidal’ lane, controlled by a traffic light system, feeds users into and out of the car park. ANPR technology supports the system by recognising car registration plates linked to paid tickets, and automatically opens exit barriers. The result is that traffic is kept moving even the busiest times of day

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