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Parking Solutions for Local Governments

As a local council, you manage multiple parking solutions and have clear needs as regards parking management. Whether you want to reduce the number of cars on the streets of your community, are looking for more efficient ways to manage parking or are looking to digitalize all your systems, WPS Parking Solutions uses its decades of experience in parking management to provide a customized solution.

We take as much work off your hands as possible

Our high quality standards and reliable equipment ensure many years of carefree use. Our systems are future-proof, low maintenance, and based on a secure and stable technology that’s not prone to breakdown. If you are responsible for your own first-line maintenance, we will train your staff to make sure they possess the right knowledge in order to act quickly in the event of problems or if maintenance is required.

We can also provide you with comprehensive services by managing first-line maintenance on your behalf. We use a cloud-based monitoring system through which we can detect technical problems before you notice them. We think on our feet so as to keep downtime as low as possible, and our web application allows you to easy check management reports, including on parking time, to implement operational improvements. Our Enterprise Reporting module service further upgrades these reports, including with customized versions. As an additional service, we provide an Application Management service for technical problems, maintenance, and consultancy. You can engage the services of other experts through this system to analyze current parking behavior.

Linking to third-party systems

Our systems can be easily linked to third-party systems, including a digital desk where people can apply for subscriptions. Our system will then check the license plate to see if it is linked to a subscription or parking license and then handles parking management on this basis.

In addition, a link to parking apps such as ParkMobile or third-party databases, including third-party databases, so that parking management enforces more efficiently by means of ANPR and drivers use the parking app to enter and exit the parking facility.

Our clients

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If you are looking for a serious reliable partner to realize your parking system, you have come to the right place. For more information you can always contact us.


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