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Katwijk Local Council

Katwijk Local Council has been a WPS Parking Solutions client for many years. We equipped several parking garages, including Princehaven, Tramstraat and Boulevard-Zeezijde, with our innovative parking solutions.

The Boulevard-Zeezijde parking garage, in particular, which is located directly on the boulevard among the dunes, was a unique project. The extension and redesign of the dune area coincided with the construction of the underground parking garage.

The parking garage, which has been organically ‘integrated’ into the dune landscape and is equipped with 663 parking spaces, our ParkID software, ParkAdvance hardware and a fully equipped control room, offers beachgoers a wonderfully cool parking facility without the need to walk to the beach or the town center. The parking garage won a European Standard Parking Award (ESPA) in 2015.

About the project

  • The challenge:

    Katwijk Local Council is responsible for its own parking management and had clear requirements for parking management, including seeing as few cars as possible parked in its streets. In addition, the Council wanted to make maximum use of digital resources and handle subscriptions/contracts and parking licenses efficiently. One of its biggest challenges was the large demand for parking space, especially around the beach and the boulevard.
  • The solution:

    The Council has built a number of parking garages to reduce the number of cars on the streets and reduce parking congestion by spreading out parking among the various facilities. For three parking garages, we installed our state-of-the-art parking solution with ParkAdvance Parking Equipment. In order to reduce the workload for the Council as much as possible, we set up a fully tricked-out control room in the Boulevard parking garage to operate the parking management, CCTV, and intercom system. The fully web-based system can also be managed from the other control room, located in the Princehaven parking garage.

    We are also using a cloud-based monitoring system through which we remotely monitor the operations of the various parking garages. This means that we are already aware of any technical issues before they are registered by the Council. We act quickly in these cases in order to minimize downtime. Our service team consists of locally based service engineers, which means we can be on the spot quickly. We also use Application Management Services for technical issues, maintenance, and consultancy.

    Parking managers can enter the license plate number on a terminal and instantly see whether a user has paid. Our parking systems are also linked to the digital desk where applications for parking permits and disability parking passes are submitted. This makes it possible to see, using license plate recognition technology, whether drivers have a parking permit. They can use this permit to enter local parking garages based on automatic number plate recognition technology.

  • The result:

    Our reliable parking solutions contribute to the digitalization of the parking policy pursued by Katwijk Local Council. This also ensures more efficient parking management, makes work easier for parking managers, and meets the public’s digital needs requirements. In addition, our equipment processes a large number of entries and exits in a short space of time, which means traffic can be efficiently managed even on busy summer days. During the trial parking period, it quickly became clear that public feedback on the Boulevard-Zeezijde parking garage and the parking system was very positive. Residents and visitors to Katwijk who were permitted to use the facility for trial parking gave the parking garage an average score of 8.5 .

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