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Q-Park Kooldok in Antwerp

The 'gedempte zuiderdokken' were and are still a very well-known place in Antwerp. As in many large cities, there is the aim to remove vehicles from the streetscape, therefore the city decided to build two large underground car parks at this location: parking Steendok and Kooldok. Together they provide 2,000 parking spaces for cars and around 300 for bicycles.

First parking Steendok was built in 2020, and recently parking Kooldok was also completed. As one of Q-Park's preferred suppliers, this car park is equipped with WPS' advanced parking system.

Watch the video on the left or read on for more info on the project!

About the project

  • The challenge:

    Encourage visitors in Antwerp to park underground, reducing high parking pressure and search traffic. 

    Moreover, Q-Park is one of WPS' largest customers worldwide. With more than 100 car parks delivered with our solutions, we know what is important to Q-Park. Delivering the right solution for parking garage Kooldok is no exception. 

  • The solution:

    WPS has equipped Q-Park Kooldok with our ParkID parking management system and associated ParkAdvance parking equipment. The solution includes a standard ticketing system, connection with Q-Park's PaaS system including cameras for number plate recognition (ANPR), floor counters and in addition the underground bicycle parking has been equipped by WPS with a paying entrance and exit. We have therefore delivered a complete mobility solution for Q-Park. 

  • The result:

    A multitude of features from the WPS Platform have been used to provide Q-Park with a reliable, innovative and future-proof parking management system.  

    Here, WPS delivered a basic infrastructure that is not only robust, but also easy to expand with new functionalities and requirements. 

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If you are looking for a serious reliable partner to realize your parking system, you have come to the right place. For more information you can always contact us.


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