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Accommodating more than 140 stores and restaurants and attracting more than 9 million visitors a year, Alexandrium is the area’s most popular shopping center.

The listed real-estate investment fund Klépierre is the operator of both the shopping center and the parking garages. The shopping center has two underground parking garages with a total of 1,215 parking spaces; these parking garages play a key role in facilitating visitors. WPS Parking Solutions equipped the garages with the most state-of-the-art parking management system, ensuring that Klépierre can use a reliable system without worry for the next 10 years.

About the project

  • The challenge:

    Parking garages are places where visitors get their first and last impression. They should experience this first impression as a warm welcome, so that they feel inclined to visit again in the future. In order to meet these expectations, retailers and other businesses set high quality standards for parking products. Klépierre was specifically looking for an innovative and reliable provider that offered a high-quality, future-proof parking product that would allow for all future trends to be seamlessly implemented.

    Due to the high footfall and peak traffic load during opening and closing times and on public holidays, efficient, reliable, and user-friendly processes are extremely important. The parking facility must not be (or not fully be) publicly accessible outside opening hours, so that subscribers, depending on their subscription, can also park outside operating hours. Exiting the facility should be possible at all times. Klépierre was also looking for a company that would take on installation and the use and management of the parking solution. During operating hours, the parking garages are managed by in-house employees from the on-site control room; outside these hours, a management company is responsible for management. It should be possible to easily manage the parking system remotely from the control room operated by backup staff.

  • The solution:

    WPS facilitated the project-based supply, installation, and delivery of the new parking equipment in the garages, including the systems, intercom system, cables, and the equipment required for management from the onsite control room. The low-maintenance equipment, which features tried-and-tested, reliable components, ensures that first-line management can easily be handled by in-house staff. Members of staff have been trained by WPS to use and maintain the equipment and the ParkID parking management system. Since ParkID is web-based, it can more easily be managed from any location at any given time.
  • The result:

    The logical sequence of use, clear icons, and bright color display screen make parking easy and user-friendly. The display screens are freely configurable for advertising or instructions to shoppers. On arrival, visitors enter the parking garage automatically and pay efficiently before leaving at one of the many payment terminals. WPS provided full support to client Klépierre in the project implementation and reduced inconvenience during paid parking to a maximum of one half-day.

    Additionally, the conversion of the parking system proceeded quickly and efficiently due to careful preparation. With its many years of experience and professional work ethic, WPS has acquired considerable expertise in all project disciplines. We use this expertise to think ahead and advise the client and regular installation company, BAM, during the implementation process. Regular meetings, a set of clear terms, phased implementation, and effective risk management ensured a high-quality implementation and close collaboration between the client, BAM, and WPS.

    To also minimize maintenance for Klépierre, we ensured that a WPS stand-by team would be available 24/7 to seamlessly resolve any incidents and ensure appropriate maintenance. This ensures they will be able to use the parking solution without any problems in the coming years, while downtime in the event of incidents is minimized.

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