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Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet

Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet was reopened in May 2017: the outlet center based in Lelystad Flevoland province) was extended to 40 stores. The official opening increased the amount of floor space by 5,500 sq. m. to an impressive 31,000 sq. m.

The outlet center currently stocks more than 250 fashion brands spread across 150 stores. The parking lot was redesigned during the renovation, and WPS Parking Solutions installed an all-new, state-of-the-art parking management system there.

About the project

  • The challenge:

    Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet is a high-traffic, popular destination that attracts a growing number of visitors. With more than 3,500 parking spaces and high peak-time traffic, efficient, reliable, and user-friendly processing is paramount. Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet seeks to make parking as easy as possible for its visitors. In addition, the outlet center must deal with peak-time traffic around the store opening and closing times and on special days (including public holidays). At these times, Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet wants to ensure user-friendly and efficient visitor flows. Since Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet focuses to a large extent on international shoppers, it needs information on where its guests come from and how long they use the parking facilities.
  • The solution:

    WPS facilitated the project-based supply, installation, and delivery of the new parking equipment at the various parking lots around the outlet center and in the nearby VOC garage. We also replaced the cables and adapted the existing fiber-optic network to the new system. All ParkAdvance Parking Equipment is connected to the Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet control room, where the in-house staff is in charge of parking management. Since the system is web-based, it can also be fully controlled remotely from any PC or tablet.
  • The result:

    Parking has never been easier. Visitors, employees, and suppliers can all access the parking facilities without any problem, pay efficiently, and quickly exit the site on departure. On arrival, visitors automatically enter the parking lots and purchase a one-day ticket at the end of their visit from one of the 10 cashless payment terminals.

    A clear display screen shows customers that they can pay without their PIN using the latest contactless and PIN-less payment methods, Tap & Go en Dip & Go. In the exit terminals, we installed contactless card readers that enable visitors to leave the facility with a simple hand motion.

    The parking system collects relevant management information, including the arrival of visitors and average parking duration. Visitors’ license plates are read automatically and without delay on entering and exiting the site. The data collected serves as the basis of the various parking statistics for Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet. The statistics are used to implement marketing campaigns aimed at specific user populations or demographics, while a team of WPS professionals ensures high-quality maintenance. This ensures that Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet can continue to use the parking management system for many years.

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