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Cornwall Centre - Canada

Cornwall Centre, Regina's largest shopping centre, boasts over 80 stores and services, attracting a large volume of visitors. This popular destination in Regina, Canada presented a challenge in managing a smooth parking experience for its diverse clientele.

Their existing WPS parking system, installed in 2002, had reached the end of its lifespan after 20 years of service.

About the project

  • The challenge:

    Cornwall Centre faced the need to upgrade their previous generation WPS model BC200 Parking Access & Revenue Control System (PARCS). This legacy system, while reliable, lacked modern conveniences and functionalities.

  • The solution:

    WPS undertook a multi-phase upgrade program, starting in June 2016 and concluding in February 2023. The new PARCS solution encompassed the following key features:

    • Comprehensive User Management: The system caters to visitors, staff, and monthly subscribers.
    • Barrier Gate Control: Secure entry and exit points are managed with barrier gate arms.
    • Flexible Payment Options: Visitors can pay using chip & PIN, contactless credit cards, Interac debit cards, or smartphone payment apps like Apple Pay at the parkade exit. Alternatively, customers can pay at any of eight pay-on-foot stations located in the Cornwall Centre or at a central cashier terminal.
    • Streamlined Access for Subscribers: Monthly subscribers benefit from RFID proximity access cards for seamless entry and exit.
  • The result:

    The project delivered significant benefits for Cornwall Centre:

    • Long-term Value and Performance: WPS implemented a backward compatible solution, leveraging the existing infrastructure while integrating advanced technology.
    • Continuity and Support: Cornwall Centre enjoys continued support from the WPS Canada technical team and their authorized regional service partner.
    • Enhanced Customer Experience: contactless payment options improve the customer experience.

    “Introduction of contactless card and mobile wallet app payment provided convenient options that greatly improved customer satisfaction levels.” Darren Renner, Operations Manager, Cornwall Centre

    In conclusion, the modernized PARCS system at Cornwall Centre demonstrates the successful integration of advanced technology for improved parking management, resulting in a more convenient and efficient experience for all users.


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