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Parking Solutions for Colleges and Universities

Colleges and universities tend to deal with peak-time traffic, with students and staff arriving and leaving the parking facility at the same time. Since you still want to receive your students, employees, guests, and suppliers with hospitality, a good flow of traffic is essential along with rapid and efficient entry and exit through license plate recognition or parking through student card identification. WPS Parking Solutions has decades of experience in smart parking solutions for the campuses of colleges and universities. Our state-of-the-art, user-friendly, and scalable parking solutions facilitate a smooth flow of traffic, including during peak times.

Parking with a student ID

Many colleges and universities have made specific arrangements with their staff and students for the use of their parking facilities, including a staff parking lot, parking spaces, or access to the parking lot for holders of a student ID card, or based on monthly invoices or parking credit on the student ID.

The student ID or license plates are linked to our parking management system in order to make sure the agreements are met. We can extend this if needed with a modified interface in which you decide which license plate or group can park where. Employees and students enter and exit the facility using their student ID and/or license plate as identification.

A link to the personal access system eliminates the need for an additional parking pass. This also provides the option to top up the credit on the card through the payment terminals or to deduct the charges from the employee’s salary. It is even possible to create a special web application in which employees and students manage their own accounts, including access to their parking history, and adding and changing license plates linked to the card.

We provide comprehensive support

Our systems are future-proof, low maintenance, and based on a secure and stable technology that’s not prone to breakdown. If you are responsible for first-line maintenance, we will make sure through training courses that your staff possesses the knowledge they need to act quickly in the event of problems or if maintenance is required. We also use a cloud-based monitoring system that allows us to detect potential technical problems before you notice them. We remain on top of things in order to prevent or quickly resolve malfunctions. As an additional service, we provide an Application Management service for malfunctions/incidents, maintenance, and consultancy. Through this system, you can hire experts to analyze current parking behavior. You can use our web-based parking management system to manage all your parking facilities from a single location. This can be easily linked to the control room system. In the web environment, you will also find the management reports. A visual dashboard allows you to analyze the data and optimize your parking facility.

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