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Fontys Universities of Applied Sciences

Fontys Universities of Applied Sciences operate several branches across the province of South Holland. The university has more than 43,000 students, 100 part-time programs, and 100 full-time programs which are organized across 27 independent institutions.

WPS Parking Solutions has equipped the Eindhoven and Sittard branches with a state-of-the-art parking management system.

About the project

  • The challenge:

    Fontys Universities of Applied Sciences wanted to prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing the parking facilities in the garages and at street level. The institution also wanted to decide independently which user groups – for example, employees or students at the night school – are permitted to use the parking facilities. The parking management needed to be organized in a fast and user-friendly way, as well as the day-to-day entry and exit of thousands of employees, students, visitors, and suppliers. The university also wanted to learn more about parking behavior and have the option to intervene if necessary.
  • The solution:

    WPS Parking Solutions has equipped the Eindhoven, Sittard and Tilburg branches with the state-of-the-art ParkID parking management system and the ParkAdvance Parking Equipment. The parking route information system along the highways to the Eindhoven campus has also been replaced. For a number of parking lots, the parking pool of the various user groups has been taken into account. Integration with the Fontys platform is used to decide which user group can use which parking facilities, and how many parking spaces are available for this group.

    The Fontys card is integrated into the parking management system, eliminating the need for an additional access card. Employees and students use their Fontys card to pay at the payment terminal, use this device to top up their card, and enter and exit based on their license plates. We have also created a web application in conjunction with Fontys, which allows students and staff to easily top up their cards using iDeal on their cell phone and to manage their accounts. This enables staff and students to link one or more license plates to their account.

  • The result:

    Fontys Universities of Applied Sciences are fully prepared for the future. The modern ParkID is scalable, parking facilities at other branches can be easily integrated into the same system, and it is easy to add new features to the system. The university has greatly improved its efficiency by making the users fully responsible for account management.

    The integration with the Fontys platform makes it easy for Fontys to decide which user groups can use which parking facilities. This improves parking regulation, so that a sufficient number of parking spaces are available to employees at all times. The parking management system provides standard management information on the use of the various parking facilities. The matching reports can be easily extended with an additional reporting module.

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