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University of Illinois Chicago

Located in the heart of a world-class city, the University of Illinois at Chicago is Chicago’s largest university and a research institution of growing national and international prominence. Its 16 academic colleges, including seven health sciences colleges and Chicago’s first and only public law school, serves more than 33,000 undergraduate, graduate, and professional students.

UIC selected WPS parking controls due to their diversity in providing varied forms of parker management.

About the project

UIC consist of 117 PARCS controlled lanes. These lanes consist of 60 entrance lanes and 57 exit lanes.

The entrances allow for a ticket entry, magnetic card entry, RFID entry, or validation (multiday pass) entry.

The exits functioning in a similar manner allow for paid ticket exit meaning ticket was processed at a Pay on Foot, unpaid ticket exit meaning that the ticket is calculated

and paid for in the exit lane, magnetic card exits, and RFID exit. When credit cards are used at the exit, Apple Pay and Google Wallet may be used as a payment method.

Centralized payment occurs at the Pay on Foot stations which are capable of taking payment in the form of cash, coin, credit card, and Apple Pay, and Google wallet.

At certain garages on the sprawling property, fee computers are used to allow for a more personal touch in service, helping the parking patrons. Fee computers are also used where Pay on Foots do not fit the demographics, or site design, for the parkers. Currently, twelve POF support the property along with eight fee computers.

As short-term passes and validations are used heavily at this property, WPS ValiD product is used. Assuring that efficient and streamlined management of these use groups occurs.

UIC uses the WPS ParkID web-based software to manage the facility. The ParkID product uses an IP-based modular architecture. ParkiD has been specifically developed for today and tomorrow’s interconnected world.

UIC also uses WPS API library to allow efficient interaction and data management to maintain their parker uses group. This saves much time and effort concerning the day to day management of these groups.

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