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  • Ticketed Parking Solutions

Ticketed Parking Solutions

In addition to our Paperless Parking Solutions, WPS also offers parking management solutions based on issueing a parking ticket. Parking based on a parking ticket has been a reliable choice for decades. By applying the latest technologies in our ticketed parking solutions, we create new opportunities and applications for the future. 

Our ticketed parking solutions are based on the issuance of a QR code ticket. This medium therefore offers excellent possibilities for other applications. For example by using the WPS Pay. With this application, parkers have a payment terminal in their hands. 

More than issuing a parking ticket

This medium therefore offers excellent possibilities for other applications. For example by using the WPS Pay. By using the app on a smartphone, parkers always have a payment terminal with them, as it were. Parkers pay the parking fee payable when they go. But products in the Park Webshop, where consumers purchase parking products for a specific period or at a special rate, are also provided as a QR code.


  • Unlimited possibilities: The versatile QR code is used to deliver useful in-app content, functionalities and information. This stimulates the further use of intelligent payment apps and/or integration with (mobile) apps from third parties in our parking solutions.

  • A paystation in your pocket: by applying convenient payment methods such as WPS-Pay, your parking visitors always have a payment terminal at hand, without searching and queues.


  • The issue of parking tickets has been reliable and a very proven application for decades


  • The application of QR code allows the use of in-app content, functionality and information.
  • With handy applications such as WPS-Pay and the parking webshop, the possibilities are endless.

Quality of Service

  • New applications ensure that your customers no longer have to search for a payment terminal or wait in line.
  • Through the Parking Webshop you always offer your customers a parking product that fits best.

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If you are looking for a serious reliable partner to realize your parking system, you have come to the right place. For more information you can always contact us.


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