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ParkID: a smart, sustainable and integrated solution

At the heart of the WPS Parking Platform is our well-established, cloud-based parking management system: ParkID. As a core element of our parking proposition, we pride ourselves on its continuous development to add new functionality, security updates and provide updates and new releases.

ParkID is a cloud-based, generic software solution. It is subscription-based and constantly updated, matching changing parking owners/operators’ needs. ParkID runs natively on our ParkAdvance hardware but is also compatible with third party hardware. 

With the ParkID subscription, operators have no concerns about system and security updates or new releases. The latest technical and functional updates are deployed regularly and automatically. Improvements are always released gradually, allowing operators to manage ParkID intuitively.

ParkID Cloud

Our parking management software may be hosted on either a physical server or in a cloud-based environment. ParkID Cloud can be seamlessly integrated into existing private cloud systems, while you can also request WPS Parking Solutions to set up an all-new cloud environment, in which case we will also be responsible for maintenance and updates. With all three of these options, operation and management through our ParkID software remains unchanged.

Fully web-based support

The comprehensive web-based support makes it possible to monitor an internet or network connection easily and remotely from any location or work site. The web environment allows you to easily manage all aspects of your parking facility, including payments, subscriptions, intercom systems and license plate recognition. You don’t need to install any specific parking management software on your laptop or smartphone.


  • Well-established
  • Cloud-based
  • Updated regularly and automatically
  • Hardware interoperable: compatible with third party hardware


Our web environment also provides you with access to various reports. The software can accommodate a variety of customized reports that allow you to form a comprehensive picture of the performance of the parking facility based on pre-defined KPIs, regardless of whether you operate one or several parking facilities. Read more about Enterprise Reporting.

Agile Innovation

Our ParkID software platform is upgraded on an ongoing basis by our in-house international development teams based on the Agile methodology Scrum. Within several weeks, we build the new features and solutions that meet our clients’ needs. Throughout this process, we use well-structured processes, clear interfaces, and the latest research in software design to make and keep parking simple and easy for your clients.

API links to third-party systems

There are a growing number of applications, platforms, and services available related to parking and payments. By linking these to the WPS Parking Solutions systems, you can provide even better services to your clients and improve your own operational efficiency. Our flexible and scalable parking solutions are easy to link to third-party systems, making it possible to park and pay in garages using apps from one of our partners.

Choice of several user groups

Our system is designed such that you can choose from several solutions to manage parking customers. You can create various user groups and subscriptions that allows you to provide fast and easy access to your short-term parking customers, staff, and other user populations, including subscribers and vendors. You also have the option to use your own access control systems or access card to enter and exit the parking facility.

Optimal user experience for your clients

Our ParkID software and its features have been developed for the purpose of providing full support both to you and to parking customers. All current and future payment methods are accepted, including cash, credit cards and payment cards, phone providers, payment apps and contactless payments. Additionally, we offer accelerated entry and exit through license plate recognition and paperless options, eliminating the need for a ticket. Combined with the high level of reliability of our software and hardware, this ensures the highest level of service for your parking customers.

ParkID Web-operator UI

The ParkID Web operator UI is the graphical user interface that you use to operate your parking management system via PC, laptop or tablet. The Web operator UI also offers the possibility to integrate your intercom system and / or cameras. 

The ParkID control interface has been completely renewed. Even during development, the user-friendliness for the administrator has been carefully considered. 


  • Customer-oriented: The ParkID Web operator UI is built around roles and tasks. This allows you to work faster and more customer-oriented. For example, intercom calls automatically appear on the screen. Clicking on the intercom icon will take you directly to a page with all the details of the station the call is coming from. You can also watch the screen that the visitor sees and the image from a linked CCTV camera appears directly on the screen. This way you can help your visitor in an instant.

  • Everything at a glance: The Web operator UI displays the parking facility graphically. You can operate multiple garages from one screen and one login. This gives you a clear overview of your entire parking operation at a glance.
  • Latest Technology: ParkID Web operator UI is based on the latest HTML5 technology. As a result, the graphical user interface functions without tools on all common Internet browsers. The operating interface is of course suitable for all devices and mobile ready.

Low operating expenses

We exclusively use reliable components that have already been tried and tested extensively, which means the system is reliable and easy to maintain. We have also implemented various measures designed to maximize continuity and minimize operating expenses. For one, we use high-quality components that result in high uptime, while the modular structure of the software ensures the rapid exchange of parts, we have a standalone feature for network disruptions, and implement energy-efficiency measures in the hardware. An added advantage is that there’s no need for remote installation of specific software and you don’t need any specialist knowledge of tools to maintain your parking solution.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is one of the most effective identification options available within ParkID. ANPR allows you to offer both short-term parking customers and regular visitors and subscribers additional convenience, as flow is significantly improved and the need for physical tickets and cards is often eliminated. During entry, the parking management system links the license plate to the barcode issued. Following payment or within the free exit time, the camera reads the license plate and verifies this data in the system. If approved, the barrier is then raised without the need to present the parking card.

ANPR also provides additional convenience for subscribers: using the Mifare subscription card as back-up, the parking garage reduces entry and exit times. For this feature, we install a license plate recognition camera at the entrance and exit. 

Reliable & Innovative

  • The use of dual sensor technology ensures maximum reliablity;
  • Fully integrated in the ParkID software platform, ensuring extended and reliable reports;
  • WPS applies the latest camera-techniques;
  • Artificial Intelligence for a self-learning and continously improving system;
  • Seamless checkout fail-over scenario's.


    • Artificial Intelligence: We use the latest camera technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI), based on which cameras can “learn” and improve their performance over time, with the objective of delivering an even more reliable performance. Any incorrect data is collected, analyzed, and used to improve the algorithm.

    • Managing exceptions: We have designed several failover scenarios to promote the flow of traffic. If the number plate is read only partially (due to technical issues with the camera, the readability of the plate, or a data-entry error), this is managed by using a sophisticated “fuzzy matching” system. This system recognizes the number plate even if one or two characters are different.
    • User-friendly features: Automatic Number Plate Recognition also serves as the basis for various customer-friendly features and extensions to our ParkID parking management system, including the option of entering number plate details on the payment terminal (including to retrieve lost tickets), for the use of third-party database, a link to phone providers such as ParkMobile, a ticketless parking solution, the Parking Webshop and Business Parking.

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