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ParkID Connect

Remove complexity and increase the number of customer journeys with your existing parking solution with ParkID Connect. 

How does ParkID Connect work?

ParkID Connect transforms current proprietary parking equipment into a hardware interoperable solution without any upfront investments or disposing of perfectly functioning equipment. ParkID Connect extends the current system with a controller, QR-scanner and 4G connectivity to connect to the WPS platform. A platform that supports a multitude of new customer journeys.

Hardware Interoperable

WPS has been working with the Fletcher Hotel Group to resolve an issue with a lack of sufficient parking spaces for hotel guests and therefore improving customer experience.

Use Case: Fletcher Hotel Group

WPS has been working with the Fletcher Hotel Group to solve a lack of parking spaces and improve guest experience. The hotel group acquired hotels with legacy parking systems from different vendors that cannot cope with the various customer journeys. The hotel group recognised the issue was non-hotel customers mis-using the parking facilities resulting in a lack of spaces for their actual customers and loss of revenue for the group.

ParkID has enabled them to connect legacy systems to one shared virtual PMS. This enables the small parking systems to have the capabilities of complex parking management systems and support a multitude of previously impossible customer journeys.

By using the hardware interoperable element of the WPS Parking Platform, the hotel group can now support a range of new hotel guests as it diversifies its business - from customers now visiting to eat in the restaurant to those attending business meetings, using the swimming pool or going to the beach club.

Implementing the WPS Parking Platform has resolved the problem with parking spaces being abused and therefore not available to hotel guests and provided them with options which improves the overall customer experience. The solution is also scalable so it can be rolled out to multiple locations whilst also offering the opportunity to be expanded to future customer journeys.

“There are new developments in parking that will change the way the industry operates. At WPS, we were focused on creating a seamless parking platform that provides partners, operators and the end user with an efficient and effective service. We want to create one that reflects the changing demands and needs of what is required as we travel in different ways compared to before as well as to meet advancements in mobility solutions that help create better places to live, work and travel.”

Jesse Heitlager, Technology Director

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