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We are WPS Parking Solutions. We provide parking solutions for every customer journey. 

Specialists in innovative cloud-based parking management solutions

WPS is a specialist in innovative cloud-based parking management solutions. We focus on practical innovations and integrate technologies in order to provide our clients with smart – but, above all, reliable and future-proof – parking solutions designed for today’s and tomorrow’s connected world.

Every journey is different

The way we travel and the apps that support us, are constantly evolving. Whether it’s for work or leisure, parking is often an integral part of that journey. As such, we want it to be simple and stress free. We need to adapt to changing customer journeys, manage parking spaces as flexibly as possible and secure parking operations. At the same time, we need to connect today’s parking customers to the mobility services and solutions of tomorrow.

Up until now, the only way to remove complexity and increase customer experience was to dispose of the existing parking solution all together, and invest in a new, proprietary parking solution. Risking vendor lock-in and rigidness.

This has now changed.

Introducing the new standard

The WPS Parking Platform is the new standard for operating and managing parking spaces successfully, while adapting to ever changing customer needs.

The WPS Platform introduces a new way of parking: open and adaptive. An exciting new platform that brings together existing and new equipment, from WPS and third parties, software applications and operator services, to deliver a seamless parking solution.

This more open and adaptive approach puts an end to replacing perfectly functioning proprietary equipment, whilst continuously improving both the parking and operator experience.

Our open and adaptive platform, supported by our Marketplace, offers a flexible, scalable and more economical approach to parking management. Owners/operators can now explore and employ new mobility services and operator solutions, extend the lifecycle of current parking systems and add or remove new components. 

The WPS Platform is hardware interoperable. The ParkID parking management system either runs on our ParkAdvance equipment or on third party equipment, using ParkID Connect.

WPS Service & Consultancy

Excellent 24h service for a perfectly functioning parking system. Valuable consultancy to optimise occupancy rates, improve operator experience and remove complexity.

WPS Service engineers make sure that the parking system runs smoothly, with excellent initial installations, optimal entry/exit routes, preventive and predictive maintenance and practical operator training to perform minor support activities. Our helpdesk, repair service and training are available 24hrs. 

WPS consultants are happy to join you to discuss how to remove complexity and improve user experience. They help to create insights on usage, optimise occupancy rates or help you to activate new applications to maximise the usage.

Partner Campus: fast track  to a successful cooperation

Suppliers of new and innovative solutions for operators and users can gain access to the WPS Marketplace through our Partner Campus. Team up with the WPS experts and add value to the Marketplace.

The Partner Campus is open for both software and hardware suppliers that want to offer their solutions on the WPS Marketplace. The campus offers an onboarding package with accessible API’s, software architecture expertise and sandbox environments. Partners join a fivestep fast track process to a successful cooperation.

Contact your partner manager or visit our Partner Campus page for more information on the Partner Campus. 

Contact us

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